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New Garlands by Rosehip Bespoke Floristry

We couldn't be happier to have received delivery of our new floral garlands on our 1967 VW Beetle wedding car. They were created by the very talented Zannah at Rosehip Bespoke Floristry and make Delilah's colour PERFECTLY. Whilst we were there we took the opportunity to visit the upcoming and stunning wedding venue, Treewell Farm.

As our floral garland collection continues to grow, so does our ambition with a new VW Camper on the horizon so no doubt we will be needing more!

If you have a wedding in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Bedfordshire, be sure to send us an email or call for a quote. We would love to hear about your theme and discuss how we can match Delilah to your wedding day - she really is a relaxing and fun alternative to traditional wedding cars.

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